Wedding Events Decoration that are Cheap Yet impactful

Wedding Events Decoration that are Cheap Yet impactful

To your guests, what kind of effort you put out for your wedding events decoration is not something they want to know. All they know is that they can finally relax after a long and tiring wedding ceremony. It is during the reception they can laugh with fellow invitees, enjoy the food, dancing on the floor, and take everything the open bar is offering.

The bride and the groom can also give themselves a break following a formal ritual of holy matrimony. However, it is planning the reception that will make the pair (the bride, especially) feel distressed about. And if the budget is restrict, things would get even more maddening for the entire parties involved with the event.

Did you know that you can still come up with the most memorable wedding events decoration even when you are on a budget? Everyone agrees on the fact that a wedding reception should be elegant and majestic. But not everyone is on the same page regarding what constitutes “elegant”.

Simple and Cheap Outdoor Wedding

When you’re on a budget, the thing that works for one may not do the job for the others. The one thing that people agree is elegant could be unaffordable for you at the moment.

But who says cool wedding events decoration must be expensive? With a little tweaking and adjustment, you can turn cheap ideas for your wedding decoration into one that makes people drop their jaw. After all, when everything is limited, all that is left for you to rely on is your imagination. And when it comes to imagination, sky is the limit. Let’s see possible solution for your wedding decoration to apply.

1. Ribbons

This one is to deal with the fact that seat covers are just too costly to rent and take too long to make. Cut some ribbons ahead and tie them at the backs of the guest chairs.

2. Christmas white lights

Hang the lights from the ceiling, or arrange them around the table, around the cake, or over potted plants. Choose lantern if you don’t want to use Christmas lights.

3. Feathers

Buy them in bulk for lower price. Place them on the walls or combine them with other elements of a centerpiece.

Ribbon and Cake Wedding Decoration

4. Food

Example for this include setting up candies in jars to instill festive mood or arranging farm cheeses and bread on trays to create organic look.

5. Candles

Candles are inexpensive and are able to create an environment so romantic it spoils the attendees.

6. Picnic-like setting

Suitable for an outdoor reception, your reception spot can be made from mere blankets and pillows, all lied on the ground. Set one picnic basket for every blanket, containing goodies and such.

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7. Photos

Engagement photos would be a great part of your wedding decoration. It is probably the only time it is okay to have some PDA moments to your guests. If in-frame or collage isn’t your cup of tea, you can create a slide show to project on a white screen.

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